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SaaS Provider Protects Enterprise Client Data in the Cloud and Lowers Costs with GeoTrust SSL Certificates

ClyTel’s enterprise clients demand strong, reliable security to protect highly sensitive account information, a standard that the company’s previous SSL provider—Go Daddy—just couldn’t meet. After switching to GeoTrust® SSL certificates, ClyTel eliminated any doubts about the safety of its software-as-a-service application, helping the company pass rigorous enterprise security audits while lowering costs.


When you’re working with large clients, they have their own audit teams that look at how secure your infrastructure really is, and one of the first things they look at is what type of SSL you have. The enterprise IT teams we were working with wanted brand name SSL from a credible provider, and Go Daddy didn’t meet that standard. … With GeoTrust, there’s no explanation needed. Clients know that GeoTrust SSL is credible and provides solid security, so it gives them the confidence to use our software without any concerns."

Boris Glants, President, ClyTel

  • Account planning software-as-a-service (SaaS)
Key Challenges
  • Protect sensitive enterprise account information by securing cloud-based application
  • Work with a credible SSL provider to reassure clients and pass rigorous, enterprise-level security audits
  • Provide seamless integration with other enterprise applications and single sign-on systems
  • Effectively reassures enterprise clients that their cloud software-as-a-service application is secure
  • Eliminated security pop-up messages and reduced number of help tickets
  • Improved revenue by lowering cost of customer support and encouraging increased use of software