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DigiCert PKI for Adobe® Certified Document Services (CDS)
Powered by DigiCert

Certified Electronic Document Signing for the Enterprise

When signed with DigiCert PKI for Adobe® Certified Document Services (CDS), Reader® or Acrobat® will certify your organization’s documents. Recipients can easily verify the digital signature enabled by DigiCert and trusted by Adobe.

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How DigiCert PKI for Adobe CDS Works

DigiCert PKI for Adobe CDS, offered by Adobe and DigiCert, powered by DigiCert technology offers seamless integration with Adobe document publishing applications that is easy to use.

  • PDF files signed with PKI Platform for Adobe CDS are certified.
  • When viewed in Adobe® Reader or Acrobat by the recipient, the signature is automatically verified.
  • A message confirms that the signature has been validated.
  • Recipients can view additional information, such as certificate details, signer’s contract information and validation method, by clicking the signature properties.
Use Adobe Acrobat for low to moderate volume signing

An individual or a department is issued a SafeNet FIPS 140-2 level 2 cryptographic USB token which holds the verified signer's CDS certificate. Each PDF document is signed individually, using a secure, two-factor process with the token.

Use Adobe Live Cycle® Security server for high volume document signing

Organizations with high volumes of documents (such as bank or billing statements, or reports in the name of an organization) should use Adobe Live Cycle Security server. The certificate is securely stored on a SafeNet FIPS 140-2 level 3 hardware security module (HSM) and enables batch processing without manually opening each document to apply the certificate.

Local Control of Certificate Management

DigiCert PKI for Adobe CDS enables more secure, reliable electronic document exchange. Organizations are able to publish trusted documents to an open community where pre-existing trust relationships might not exist. DigiCert provides a fully-managed, centralized and secure web-based management system that allows authorized Registration Authorities to enroll users, run reports, revoke certificates and manage certificates. World-class customer support is available by phone and email. Professional system integration services, as well as a full range of support options, are also available.