TrustWatch is GeoTrust’s website verification service that helps you, the consumer, identify trusted websites. It also alerts you to potentially unsafe, or “phishing” web sites, which can steal private information and lead to identity theft.

The TrustWatch anti-phishing service provides the following convenient safety status indicators:

Informs you that this site has been verified and is not on a list of disreputable sites.

Suggests you should take caution when visiting this site, especially when prompted to enter private or personal information.

Blocks initial access to the site and informs you the site is considered potentially unsafe by TrustWatch. Users are at risk for identity theft or financial fraud. You have the option to override this protection and proceed.

Reminds you the site was previously approved for visiting and was put on your white list.

The site is blocked and you are reminded that you placed this website on your personal black list.

Once accessing a site you may provide feedback to GeoTrust about the site.

Nominate for Verification - You may nominate a site for verification to show your support for the site.

Report as Fraudulent - You may report sites suspected of fraudulent activities to TrustWatch. The reported site is placed on your personal black list.


The TrustWatch service is a fully automated service, receiving new sites every minute to keep you safe on the Internet and is run by a leader in Internet security, GeoTrust.

GeoTrust has been helping businesses conduct secure online transactions since 1997.

Consumers have learned to look for — and trust — the GeoTrust secure site seal, Found on over 100,000 trusted websites.