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Authentication Webcast Trainings and Guide
Our Symantec Authorized Website Security Partners are critical to our success and partners play a key role in the authentication process:

  • Educating the end user on what documents are needed to authenticate in a timely and effective manner
  • Assisting the end user on what documents are appropriate for their region (or other documents that might be viable instead)
  • World class support with tiered account services and training opportunities to help develop your team to better assist your customers

We offer many tools to enable partners to be successful in not only selling Symantec Website Security Solutions, but also to be up-to-date on the requirements of authentication. View our NEW Customer Authentication Enrollment Guides and Authentication Webinar Series to get more information on the steps required for the authentication process. The webinar series and guides cover the authentication process for DV, OV, EV, Code Signing, and Safe Site SSL Certificates.

NEW! Partner Authentication Guide and Video Overview
Partner Enablement Tools to Navigate the Authentication Process

Symantec is relentless in protecting the world's information. Our innovative products and services protect people and information in any environment - from the smallest mobile device, to the enterprise data center, to cloud-based systems. As a part of our security portfolio, authentication is an integral part of the process.

Partners play a key role in the authentication process and Symantec Website Security Solutions enables partners to work effectively through the purchasing and authentication process with important tools and resources:

Review these tools in detail for further information on the authentication requirements as this will assist partners in getting orders through quicker.

Partner Excellence in CAB/F Standards Update - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As new standards are brought forth from the Certification Authority Browser (CA/B) Forum , it is important to make sure that partners have all the knowledge they need to effectively sell SSL certificates, and gather the correct information for authentication. Please find below the link to the global top three FAQs asked of the authentication and support teams. This list of FAQs will help expedite your go-to-market plans and increase revenue. In adopting the new CAB/F standards, Symantec continues our practice of stringent security practices in protecting data, identities, and interactions providing customers confidence in a connected world.

The Symantec Website Security Channel Team brings partners best-in-class training and enablement. The partner kit below also provides further insight into the top three frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact your channel account manager or email

CAB/F Updates (OV Certificate Requirement)
Symantec will be making the following changes to the fulfillment of the organization validated (OV) certificates. These changes have been made to improve the overall experience of fulfilling an OV certificate with Symantec based upon the recent July 2012 release of the CAB Baseline Requirements 1.0. Refer to sections 9.2.4 through 11.2.3 and see the below coordinating list of Symantec changes:

  • 9.2.4: Corporate identifiers (e.g. Enrollment = Symantec, Legal Name = Symantec Corporation) will not be required in the organization name field for renewal and replacement customers.
  • 11.1: Domain name registrations are acceptable without corporate identifier listed in the whois. Address match no longer required. (e.g. Enrollment = Symantec Corp. Whois = Symantec)
  • 11.2.1: Professional Opinion Letter (POL) Authorization Signature – Allowance of Notary Public’s in countries outside of North America (US & Canada) that can sign off on the POL (in addition to an attorney/accountant).
  • 11.2.1: Proof of Organization Approval - Ability to either use the “legal form name” that includes the corporate identifier or shorten organization name listed in online database.
  • 11.2.2 & 11.2.3: The acceptance of phone bills, utility bills and bank/credit card statements to be leveraged as trusted phone number resources. Additional verification will be required (e.g. Notary able to confirm bill if needed).
  • 11.2.3: Ability to use registered 3rd party telephone numbers that is registered to an officer/executive of the organization, if they are listed as such in the online database for the organization.

If you have any questions, please contact your Symantec Channel Account Manager or the Global Inside Sales Organization at