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Cloud-Based File Transfer Service Increases Sales by 10% with GeoTrust SSL Certificates

There are numerous options for transferring files across the internet, but TitanFile wanted to set itself apart by underscoring the company’s commitment to security. To accomplish this goal, the TitanFile team selected GeoTrust as its SSL provider. With GeoTrust SSL security, TitanFile has been able to boost its appeal to security-conscious professionals in sensitive fields such as law, finance, and healthcare, helping the company realize a 10% increase in sales.


We've done surveys that have shown our customers
trust our site more after installing GeoTrust SSL security. Thanks to that confidence boost, we've seen our sales go up almost 10 percent. We clearly made the right move when we decided to switch to GeoTrust.

SMilan Vrekic, Co-Founder, TitanFile

  • Secure file transfer and tracking
Key Challenges
  • Protect confidential document transfers and secure user access to files
  • Help new company appeal to customers in legal, healthcare, and government sectors
  • Enable company to stand out from numerous file sharing tools and services
  • Boosted sales by 10%
  • Eliminated security compatibility issues experienced by BlackBerry mobile device users
  • Experienced significant increase in user confidence measured in customer surveys
  • Helped customers in sensitive industries meet strict compliance standards