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Mozilla Mail Personal Digital Certificate

Installation Instructions

  1. Open your Mozilla browser.
  2. Create your Mozilla "Master Password" if you have already done this, skip to Step 3 below:
    1. Select your Mozilla's "Edit" menu , then select "Preferences", then select "Master Password".
    2. Type in a password, and click "OK" to finish.
  3. Go to GeoTrust web site: and select the type of personal digital certificate you want.
  4. Type in and submit your information; proceed through the Telephone Verification process.
  5. When you receive the email from GeoTrust , click on the URL in the email to obtain your new certificate. Click on the "INSTALL CERTIFICATE" button. Note - as the new certificate is being installed in your Mozilla, you may be asked for the browser's Master Password (see Step 2 above).
  6. Also click on "Install Root Certificate".
  7. To verify that your cert is correctly installed, click on your Mozilla's Edit menu , then select "Preferences", then select "Certificates". Your new cert should show up under the "Your Certificates" section.
  8. Next, go to your Mozilla's "Edit" menu, select "Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings", select "Security", and then in the "Digital Signing" section, click the "Select" button and browse to find and select your certificate. Your certificate will show up in both the Digital Signing section and the Encryption section.
  9. Now you can send and receive encrypted messages! However, in order to exchange encrypted messages with another person, both you and the other person must have personal certificates - which you must first exchange by sending each other "digital signed" email messages.
  10. To send a digitally signed message, select "Compose" to create a new message, type in the recipient's address, and in the "Security" menu, select "Digitally Sign This Message". Then, Send the message. The recipient will see a new symbol indicating that your message is signed; the recipient can then Add your certificate to their own address book.
  11. When you receive a digitally signed message, you will see a pencil icon; when you receive an encrypted message, you will see a key icon.