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GeoTrust SSL Helps Cloud-Based Loan Services Provider Protect Borrower Data, Pass Security Audits and Build Client Confidence

MortgageDashboard works with a range of lending institutions that all demand strong SSL security from a credible provider. After fielding questions in security audits for using SSL from an obscure Certificate Authority (CA), the company turned to GeoTrust. Now, MortgageDashboard passes security audits without any questions about its SSL security and has succeeded in building confidence in its cloud-based applications with both clients and users.


In our line of business, we have to pass rigorous security audits before a client will agree to work with us. When it comes to SSL, your security is only as good as the provider that backs your certificates. With GeoTrust, no one ever questions our SSL security because they know we work with a well-known, credible company."

Jorge Sauri, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, MortgageDashboard

  • Financial services software-as-a-service (SaaS)
Key Challenges
  • Protect social security numbers and other confidential borrower data
  • Show clients and users that cloud-based platform is secure
  • Find credible, cost-effective SSL security partner trusted by banks and other lenders
  • Easily pass rigorous security audits required by clients
  • Protects borrower data with strong, reliable security
  • Utilizes GeoTrust Site Seal to demonstrate safety to end users