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TLS/SSL Beginner's Guide

SSL 101: The ultimate guide to TLS/SSL certificates

Learn the fundamentals of website security and the URL padlock symbol

Protect your website and learn how TLS/SSL works

Look beyond the lock to discover how digital certificates verify identity.

TLS/SSL certificates are made up of two parts: first, they verify your company’s identity; and second, they encrypt data in transit to ensure that your website is secure. Understanding how TLS/ SSL certificates work is the best introduction to keeping your website safe. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate beginner’s guide to TLS/SSL certificates so you can stay ahead of website vulnerabilities. 

You’ll learn more about: 

  • TLS/SSL authentication
  • How TLS/SSL encryption works
  • What the user experiences
  • Why TLS/SSL is essential to building trust online
  • The importance of choosing the right TLS/SSL provider
  • EV TLS/SSL: Why high assurance certificates matter
  • How to get TLS/SSL on your website
  • Benefits of using a TLS/SSL certificate 

Get all of this information and more when you download our TLS/SSL guide to certificates.