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Every certificate can now be configured as wildcard or multi-domain

From one to 250 subdomains
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What is a Wildcard certificate?

Wildcard TLS/SSL certificates secure a single domain and up to 250 subdomains. With our flexible certificate buying options, any GeoTrust certificate can be purchased as a Wildcard. Secure any or all of the following with one certificate:

  • Example.com
  • Mail.example.com
  • Blog.example.com
  • Shop.example.com
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What is a Multi-Domain certificate?

One multi-domain certificate provides encryption across all your domains.

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Why configure a certificate as Wildcard or Multi-Domain?

Save time and money. Instead of purchasing multiple TLS/SSL certificates for each web page you want to secure, you only have to purchase and manage a single certificate. Less hassle at renewal, less to manage, one-and-done.

Want more ways to secure your website?

Upgrade to DigiCert Secure Site or Secure Site Pro to take advantage of more benefits like the DigiCert Smart Seal, malware scanning, CT log monitoring and priority support and validation.

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