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eMedical Lending

Financial Lending Provider Builds Web Site Confidence After Implementing GeoTrust SSL Certificates

Online security is important to any online business, but for web-based financial services provider eMedical Lending, it’s absolutely critical. After switching to GeoTrust SSL certificates, the company has been able to instill confidence in its web site and online lending platform, building trust with customers while strengthening partnerships with lenders.


"People used to question our site security all the time. They'd ask why they don't see 'https' or the little padlock icon in their browser. Now, GeoTrust SSL certificates answer those questions. When you don't have people asking if your site is safe, that's your biggest benefit every day."

Awah Teh, CTO, eMedical Lending

  • Financial services for elective healthcare
Key Challenges
  • Meet high customer expectations for online security
  • Protect sensitive information on web-based loan applications
  • Implement cost-effective SSL security from a well-known, credible provider
  • GeoTrust® True BusinessID Wildcard
  • Reassures customers that loan application information is protected
  • Eliminates questions and concerns about site security
  • Demonstrates to partner lenders that web site and lending platform are safe