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TLS/SSL Ordering Process

What to expect

The TLS/SSL certificate ordering and validation process

What happens after I place my certificate order?

TLS/SSL certificates verify identity and encrypt sensitive data, which is why all TLS/SSL certificates must be validated before they can be issued. After you place your order, our validation teams work quickly to confirm your identity in order to issue your certificate. Here’s how the process works:

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Create your request (CSR)

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Submit your request

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Complete identity validation

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Install your SSL certificate

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Check your SSL installation (

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Set up management control – to revoke, reissue, etc.

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Renew before your certificate expires

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When will your SSL certificate be issued?

Your TLS/SSL certificate is issued as soon as our validation team can validate the required details of your organization or domain. The amount of validation required varies depending on the level of certificate you purchased.

What details need to be verified?