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Secure Your Unified Communications (UC) / SAN with GeoTrust

Easy-to-manage unified communications certificates. With GeoTrust® certificates, you get a versatile, cost-effective solution to secure multiple domain names with a single certificate. A GeoTrust certificate is ideal for shared hosting or QA testing environments, as well as small and medium sized businesses that need to secure multiple business applications on a single server.

GeoTrust is a recognized Unified Communications certificate partner with Microsoft.

Key Benefits

  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Office Communications Server 2007/2010
  • Unlimited licensing gives you maximum flexibility to install the same certificate on as many servers that use the same domain name(s) in the certificate
  • Get unlimited, free reissues for lifetime of certificate*
  • Secure up to 25 domain names with one certificate when you combine True BusinessID or True BusinessID with Extended Validation (EV) with additional UC/SAN purchases

Note: Please use the Reissue Certificate process to purchase additional UC/SAN with your SSL Certificate. Individual UC/SAN can only be purchased after your initial purchase of an SSL Certificate and UC/SAN 4-pack.

New UC/SAN Customer Existing UC/SAN Customer
Add UC/SAN to a True BusinessID (TBID) certificate Add UC/SAN to an existing True BusinessID (TBID) certificate (Additional UC/SAN purchase)
Add up to 24 domain names on a single certificate when you purchase UC/SAN 4-pack and individual UCC/SAN with your True BusinessID certificate Add additional domain names after your purchase of True BusinessID or True BusinessID EV and a UC/SAN 4-pack

To purchase UC/SANs with a TBID certificate:

  • use the TBID enrollment form
  • select your validity period
  • choose Initial Order under Renewal
  • add UC/SANs to your purchase in your next steps

Individual UC/SANs can only be added after purchasing a UC/SAN 4-pack with a True BusinessID certificate.

To purchase UC/SANs for an existing certificate:

Individual UC/SANs can only be added after purchasing a UC/SAN 4-pack with a True BusinessID certificate.


Product Term Cert Cost + SAN Cost
= Total Cost
(5 Domains)
Cost per 
additional SAN 
True BusinessID 1 year $199 $160 $359 $29
2 year $348 $280 $628 $51
3 year $498 $400 $898 $72
True Business ID with EV 1 year $299 $200 $499 $49
2 year $523 $350 $873 $86

Need to change a domain? Not a problem. Instead of contacting customer support, you can use GeoTrust’s convenient self-service portal to add, edit, or delete SAN names at any time during the certificate lifecycle.* Not only that, but GeoTrust offers unlimited server licenses so you can use your True BusinessID certificate on as many servers as you like.

We’re always here to help. Unified communications security is one of our specialties, so if questions come up, you get help from security experts, not internet generalists.

* This feature applies to UC/SAN you have previously purchased.